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About the Blogger


I’m a pretty ADD person when it comes to most things in my life and the only thing I’ve ever really been able to focus on is computers. After missing the first wow wave and dismissing the genre in favor of single player RPGs I picked up Vanguard because a few of my friends where trying it. The game turned out to be a pay to play beta but I had made a few friends and I ended up following them back to wow.

Ethernet is my Main on haitus. I raided as a Shadow priest through black temple, but between my new Job and the four days that I raided inĀ  Five hour blocks I burned out. I was exhausted all the time and wasn’t taking care of life any longer.

I took a step back from WoW and re-focused my life but my feed reader kept filling up. I subscribe to as many wow blogs as i can find and thoroughly enjoy reading about every angle of the game, the side effect was that it coaxed me back in after a few weeks.

After becoming an addicted lurker of the awesome Maintankadin forums, I snagged a 49 pally that my brother had left to obscurity and started the protection grind to 70.

At this point I’ve tanked a few pug Kara’s, but I’ve got the “Rash of the Itch King” and have been squirreling stuff away for the day the expansion breaks and the playing field will even out for me to level again.

See you on the around!