Instant Spell Shenanigans

Tanking Montreal lfm pst

Oh Canada!

I used to think it was strange for complete strangers to connect in any meaningful way over the internet, and I remeber being absolutely shocked when I heard of the first everquest wedding. The truth though is that many people connect with each other online in the same way that people win the real world connect. I’ve met a few freinds online that have carried over to real life freinds and my buddies Sabotage and Tuggs are two of them.

I met both of them in an ill though out jaunt to check out Vangaurd (Shudder…), and followed them back to WoW once we wised up.  After a few months I found out that Sabotage was moving to New York, near where I live and as it turned out  3 minutes away from me,. After about a year of him living he we’ve become close freinds and thats where Tuggs comes in.

Today I’m hopping on a plane at JFK to meet the bastard for the first time, he lives in Canada and I think it’ll be exciting trip.

So in the end all my blabbering means there will be no Posts until at least Sunday!

Have a Happy Fourth of July!!

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