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Much to do about a to-do list

Unfortunately, I am a gamer and blogger with a job and the moment, that job has taken up most of my spare time. I work in IT and we’re planning a huge network, domain, PC migration from several floors of one building to the single floor of another and I’ve been very wrapped up in the details and preparation.
I haven’t forgotten the blog or wow, I just haven’t had as much time.

Heres a quick list of what I plan to do in the next week.
1) Find a new theme – Unreadable comment posting and the limited size of my posts is driving me up a wall.
2) Wow Itemtips – a nifty feature that has really become a must for any wow site.
3) Video – I need to dig up an easy to use video plug-in compatible with stage six for decent quality video posts.
4) about page- I’ll admit that this has just been plain laziness.
5) Blog roll – After seeing some good suggestions on managing a blog roll, I’m gonna go with it.
6) A copyright license – No time like the present to cover my butt legally.

Most of these Ideas are from Matticus from his post here on Blog Azeroth

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