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Time Time Time

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Well, I’ve been pretty sick lately. The short of things is my Paladin is 70, uncrittable and since I managed to grind out my gavel I’ve just started tanking heroics.

I had a planned article on the theories of haste weighed against +damage for a shadow priest but 2.4 came out and all that is on hold.

Its funny how new content can give you a little bit of pep in you wow step again. I’ll be back in a bit, but I’d just like to enjoy the new content for a bit.

See you soon!

Much to do about a to-do list

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Unfortunately, I am a gamer and blogger with a job and the moment, that job has taken up most of my spare time. I work in IT and we’re planning a huge network, domain, PC migration from several floors of one building to the single floor of another and I’ve been very wrapped up in the details and preparation.
I haven’t forgotten the blog or wow, I just haven’t had as much time.

Heres a quick list of what I plan to do in the next week.
1) Find a new theme – Unreadable comment posting and the limited size of my posts is driving me up a wall.
2) Wow Itemtips – a nifty feature that has really become a must for any wow site.
3) Video – I need to dig up an easy to use video plug-in compatible with stage six for decent quality video posts.
4) about page- I’ll admit that this has just been plain laziness.
5) Blog roll – After seeing some good suggestions on managing a blog roll, I’m gonna go with it.
6) A copyright license – No time like the present to cover my butt legally.

Most of these Ideas are from Matticus from his post here on Blog Azeroth

Welcome Blog Arzerothians Extrodinaire

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

I’ve finally put myself on Blog Azeroth, since the site has a smidge of content to it.

Just a few disclaimers
*I’ll be changing the banners soon – I know the colors are off…
*I read a ton more blogs, but it takes forever to add to my blogroll here so I’ll add em when I have a spare 3 hours O.o
*I am afflicted by severe shiny object syndrome and tend to bounce around topic wise.
*My writing skill is 70/375, but I’m grinding it out!

Any tips, hints, hate mail or hellos can be sent to

Thanks for stopping by.

Darkmoon Faire Bug

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Well it looks like the horde missed out on the early Darkmoon Faire bug. The Blues said that it might have been an issue that this year was a leap year, and that it will be setup tomorrow once the server updates.

R.I.P – Where is Where’s Rodjur…

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Strangely enough “Where’s Rodjur?” is one of my favorite blogs. I have no idea why, but its a fresh idea to me and I was always excited to see what would happen next..

For those who missed it here is a google cache of the page, they manage to get the whole blog in a snapshot.

Now you can miss Rodjur it like I do :)

Introducing: Squirrel

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

This dashing 68 paladin, Squirrel is my current main.

She was created by my brother in a misguided attempt of mine to get him to join me in WoW. After discovering the hidden Tankadin community over at MainTankadin, I’ve grown pretty Fascinated with AoE tanking and the reactive tanking mechanics of a Tankadin. I Spec’d Jils Prot right when I started her, she was level 47 at the time. I’ve gotten her to 68 pretty quickly and it feels like I’ve rediscoved what I loved about WoW when I started playing .I’ll hopefully hit 70 by this weekend and start instancing heroics for the gear I need.

The folks over at Maintankadin have a great quick and dirty list to getting uncrushable. The guide I’m referring to is Eanin’s Failsafe Uncrushability Guide. Another Great list gear wise is MT gear progression and if you’d like to review the whole reason behind the gearing all the math and descriptions are here in Pre-raid Tanking: Theories, Goals and the Gear to Get There .

I Burned Out

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

I’d been raiding for 25 hours a week, working 50 hours a week, farming 5 hours a week so that I can raid and sleeping with the rest of the time. My main was a 70 Shadow Priest, and together him and I have downed everything but Illidan, and the guild I was in was attempting him. The real problem then was I flat out burned out, and in my frustration I gquitted and left the game completely.

It’s been a couple of weeks and I’ve rested and now I’m back. The catalyst of my renewed interest is mostly due to the  interesting blogging community that seems to have sprung up around WoW.  Currently I’ll be playing a paladin that my brother left to obscurity over my mothballed priest and trying to get my wow groove back. This blog is an attempt at to join with the wow blogging community that I enjoy reading so much, and to figure out why I loved this damn game so much in the first place.