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Movin’ on up

I haven’t really connected in this blog. There have been a whole slew of issues that I haven’t been able to get past and largest of those is the name. I haven’t actively played my priest in quite a long time and it will probably never be my main again. I picked up a more future-proof name and hop to be at that blog a long time.

I’ll be posting here from now on.

The Twisted Nether – now with more vitamin D!

As far as Wow is concerned, I’m aimlessly floating in the nether. I’ve been playing Warhammer since it’s release and I think it has a huge amount of potential.

My main issue with Warhammer is I still find alot of things about it quite buggy.
Warhammer also has to contend with being a good game and keeping their population from slipping away to WotLK. To be 100% honest, I don’t know if it can.
I think a part of Warhammer’s success is where the WoW life cycle was upon it’s debut.
In WoW right now there are no new developments and no real changes to look forward to until wrath; leaving a mass of players immensely excited about what it will be, but not what it is until then.
Except for those few guilds that are really trying to down Illidan or Kil’Jaeden before wrath, raiding as a whole seems to be falling apart on most servers.
I believe many dissatisfied, bored and open minded wow players installed Warhammer and are playing it in the interim, but a WoW player is not necessarily an general MMO player. When the siren call of Wrath of the Lich King releases I think that will give us a true idea of what the actual Warhammer population is.
I plan on stoping my Warhammer account once 3.0 is released, but I don’t believe I’m done with it all together. A good buddy of mine, Witchcraft, always argues that judging a game on release is not always accurate because 5 months down the line, it’s post launch improvements could make the game amazing.

Warhammer seems off to a good start. Even though I’m taking a break from it now I do look forward to returning and seeing what the game really develops into.

The Guilt of Matticus

There really is no excuse here, I’ve just been lazy.

Blogging is not as easy as it seems, you need to create content and communicate it to people in a way that they can understand and benefit from. I’m pretty sure no one reads this, but I’m sorry and I’m not got be a dead blogger any more.

So instead of reading through my huge feed reader posts, I’m going to do my best to write some posts.

I finished the “About the Blogger” section up top and I have few article ideas to write up.

Hopefully I’ll see someone around here at some point.

Thanks for the time.

Tanking Montreal lfm pst

Oh Canada!

I used to think it was strange for complete strangers to connect in any meaningful way over the internet, and I remeber being absolutely shocked when I heard of the first everquest wedding. The truth though is that many people connect with each other online in the same way that people win the real world connect. I’ve met a few freinds online that have carried over to real life freinds and my buddies Sabotage and Tuggs are two of them.

I met both of them in an ill though out jaunt to check out Vangaurd (Shudder…), and followed them back to WoW once we wised up.  After a few months I found out that Sabotage was moving to New York, near where I live and as it turned out  3 minutes away from me,. After about a year of him living he we’ve become close freinds and thats where Tuggs comes in.

Today I’m hopping on a plane at JFK to meet the bastard for the first time, he lives in Canada and I think it’ll be exciting trip.

So in the end all my blabbering means there will be no Posts until at least Sunday!

Have a Happy Fourth of July!!

The Return

Well I’m back from a bit of an Age of Conan Sabbatical, and I’m hunkering down for Wrath of the Lich King.

For me preparing for Wotlk really comes down to two things:

1) What will help me level fastest.

2) What kinds of things will carry over to level 80, and still matter.

So far this week I’ve repaced herbalism with engineering and gotten that to 375 on my paladin. I’ve also started getting together all the mats to grind my blacksmithing to 375, but I’ll hold off on that until Wotlk.

Once Wotlk is released i plan to mine the hell out of Northrend then drop mining altogether for blacksmithing once I have all the mats I need to get my Blacksmithing and Engineering to the Max level. I think that would give me the jump start into raids and instances in Wotlk.

As far as my Shadow priest goes, he’s pretty self sufficient with Enchanting and Tailoring. I’m currently trying to get the Deathfrost Enchant from Lord Ahune and that is really about it.

A few of my RL friends have gotten together and we’ve restarted my old guild <Facing Worlds>.

<Facing Worlds> was great at ten man instances and what really broke our group up was 25 man content. We never really found another guild that ran as smoothly, and being late to the expansion (due to an ill advised jaunt to Vanguard) really put us behind the curve. In the end most of my friends took a break and haven’t returned til now.

The guild dynamic  will change though with Wotlk. With there being many more ten man instances I think that there will be a lot of ten man focused progression guilds and it seems like a good idea to me.

Its all optimistic and not only am I not burned out any more but I dare say I’m a but excited :)

Time Time Time

Well, I’ve been pretty sick lately. The short of things is my Paladin is 70, uncrittable and since I managed to grind out my gavel I’ve just started tanking heroics.

I had a planned article on the theories of haste weighed against +damage for a shadow priest but 2.4 came out and all that is on hold.

Its funny how new content can give you a little bit of pep in you wow step again. I’ll be back in a bit, but I’d just like to enjoy the new content for a bit.

See you soon!

Much to do about a to-do list

Unfortunately, I am a gamer and blogger with a job and the moment, that job has taken up most of my spare time. I work in IT and we’re planning a huge network, domain, PC migration from several floors of one building to the single floor of another and I’ve been very wrapped up in the details and preparation.
I haven’t forgotten the blog or wow, I just haven’t had as much time.

Heres a quick list of what I plan to do in the next week.
1) Find a new theme – Unreadable comment posting and the limited size of my posts is driving me up a wall.
2) Wow Itemtips – a nifty feature that has really become a must for any wow site.
3) Video – I need to dig up an easy to use video plug-in compatible with stage six for decent quality video posts.
4) about page- I’ll admit that this has just been plain laziness.
5) Blog roll – After seeing some good suggestions on managing a blog roll, I’m gonna go with it.
6) A copyright license – No time like the present to cover my butt legally.

Most of these Ideas are from Matticus from his post here on Blog Azeroth

Welcome Blog Arzerothians Extrodinaire

I’ve finally put myself on Blog Azeroth, since the site has a smidge of content to it.

Just a few disclaimers
*I’ll be changing the banners soon – I know the colors are off…
*I read a ton more blogs, but it takes forever to add to my blogroll here so I’ll add em when I have a spare 3 hours O.o
*I am afflicted by severe shiny object syndrome and tend to bounce around topic wise.
*My writing skill is 70/375, but I’m grinding it out!

Any tips, hints, hate mail or hellos can be sent to

Thanks for stopping by.

Darkmoon Faire Bug

Well it looks like the horde missed out on the early Darkmoon Faire bug. The Blues said that it might have been an issue that this year was a leap year, and that it will be setup tomorrow once the server updates.

R.I.P – Where is Where’s Rodjur…

Strangely enough “Where’s Rodjur?” is one of my favorite blogs. I have no idea why, but its a fresh idea to me and I was always excited to see what would happen next..

For those who missed it here is a google cache of the page, they manage to get the whole blog in a snapshot.

Now you can miss Rodjur it like I do :)